Solos & Small groups

We offer solo and small group choreography to our own students as well as students outside of NDE Dance.  Each fee comes with music editing and a 3-4 hour learning session depending on the size of the small group. Once the choreography is placed we do ask for one session a month to clean, practice, and perfect each small group or solo! Please email for pricing and to schedule!

Private Lessons

$20/ 30 minute session with a minimum of 5 scheduled sessions.  We believe that consistency is key to achieve a desired and significant improvement.

Private lessons can be scheduled to work on skills (turns, leaps, flexibility, etc.), quality of movement, basic dance acro, or memorization skills.  Every private lesson can be different and adjusted to each individual dancer's needs!

Team Choreography & Consulting

We offer a variety of choreography sessions, cleaning sessions, technique clinics, and consulting options with the ability to structure a clinic or intensive just for your team to make sure you achieve all your goals and get exactly what you need!!!

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