We are the ONLY all-star program in North Dakota!

What is all-star you might ask??

An all-star team is comprised of members from schools all over the area! We practice and work hard making ourselves the best we can be! We travel to most competitions but perform locally as well.  We get to compete against teams from all over the country and sometimes even international teams! 

NDE Dance began as two small competitive teams practicing in local gyms, studios, and churches.  After three years we finally were able to move into our own home! We have moved from our two competitive teams to offering competitive teams for ages 6-18+, classes for all ages, and a recital program for ages 2-18!  At NDE Dance we want our students to grow as unique individuals while learning the important concepts of teamwork, team building, and working together!

Our biggest passion is making a difference in the lives of our young dancers!

Our mantra at NDE dance is be fearless, be empowered, be you, be elite.


We provide a space for dancers to dream fearlessly and create themselves without the fear of judgement.  We want dancers to explore new styles of dance and try new things bravely and whole heartedly!


Dancers of all ages should feel pride in what they do.  With the desire to always continue growing, we want dancers to be proud of their talents, achievements, and work they put into reaching their goals!


As our dancers grow and develop, we desire to create a space for them to be their weirdest, wackiest, most lovable selves.  Our uniqueness is what makes us strong.  Our differences bring us together.  We want you to be the best version of yourself!


We are strong, passionate, humble humans.  We yearn to grow and thrive through the art and athleticism of dance.  We don't always need words as our movement speaks for itself.  We rise to the challenge, face our fears, and work hard towards achieving our goals.  We have fun doing what we love and we love our family.  We are ELITE.

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2016-2017 Hip Hop


2016-2017 Junior Pom


2016-2017 Youth Jazz


2016-2017 International Open Pom



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